How To Be An EFFECTIVE Ally For Oppressed Groups


  1. Actually educate yourself about the issues. You are perfectly capable of educating yourself, it is your own responsibility, so do so, and don’t assume that you are already an expert. Keep up with current events involving the issues and don’t be afraid to ask questions, although be aware of how you ask them.
  2. Show your support through action. Attend events or volunteer for events or help organize them or anything. Just be involved. Don’t be all talk.
  3. Actively challenge stereotypes that people may have about different groups, including derogatory remarks and jokes. Remember that your silence condones and reinforces injustice. Confront oppressive statements and structures as well as the assumptions behind them.
  4. Examine the effect different identities and experiences have on people’s lives and development. Identify how race, religion, class and ability intersect with sexual orientation, sex and gender identity, and how multiple identities shape our lives. Don’t conflate different experiences of oppression. Remember that being targeted in one area does not mean that you know what it is like to be targeted in another area.
  5. Respect how people choose to identify themselves. In terms of name, identity and pronouns. If you don’t know how to identify a particular person, it’s ok to ask what they prefer in a respectful manner.
  6. DON’T TOKENIZE OR PATRONIZE individuals from different groups. Don’t ask or assume one member of a particular group to speak for all people in that group.
  7. Don’t speak for a group, even if you are in it, and especially if you are not. Speak from your own experiences only. It’s ok to say if you don’t know the answer to something. Having a friend in a particular group is not “proof” that you are an ally, and does not make you an expert on those experiences. “But my best friend is black/gay/etc.etc.etc.” No. Stop that. 
  8. DON’T SPEAK FOR A GROUP - help make room so they can speak for themselves. Offer your support, listen to what they want, need, and are trying to do, and help them do it. Never assume that you know what’s best for a group that you are not a part of.
  9. Expect to make mistakes. We all do. Learn from them and keep trying. 
  10. Accept your status in a privileged group, even as an ally. By standing up for groups that you’re not a part of that oppressed group and experiencing institutional oppression. Trying to downplay your privileges, or feeling guilty for them, won’t help anyone. Instead, accept your privilege and use it to help provide a voice and social power for people who might otherwise not have an access to those things.
  11. Prepare yourself for a journey of change and growth that will come from learning to be an ally. This can be a painful and enlightening process that will help you know yourself better. However, it can be hard to acknowledge both areas where you are oppressed and areas where you hold privilege. Be open to criticism. 
  12. Confront your own fears, memories and bad feelings about members of a particular group. Recall and release those feelings, therefore diminishing their hold on you. Examine and be aware of your own baggage. Challenge the biases, prejudices, and stereotypes that you learned from society.
  13. Don’t assume that you know what a particular group is about. Don’t assume that all members are the same or that there is only one way to be a member of that group. Acknowledge and celebrate diversity within communities. Each person is an expert on their own experiences. Treat everyone with respect and as individuals.
  14. Encourage and allow disagreement. Issues about any oppressed group are often highly charged an confusing. If there isn’t some disagreement, it probably means that people are tuned out or hiding their real feelings. Keep disagreements and discussion focused on principles and issues rather than on individual people, and keep disagreement respectful.
  15. And above all else, listen. learn. respect. and help others to do the same, in order for everyone to understand and appreciate each other for all their unique qualities that are a part of who they are. 
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When you’re a trans woman you are made to walk this very fine line, where if you act feminine you are accused of being a parody and if you act masculine, it is seen as a sign of your true male identity. And if you act sweet and demure, you’re accused of reinforcing patriarchal ideas of female passivity, but if you stand up for your own rights and make your voice heard, then you are dismissed as wielding male privilege and entitlement. We trans women are made to teeter on this tightrope, not because we are transsexuals, but because we are women. This is the same double bind that forces teenage girls to negotiate their way between virgin and whore, that forces female politicians and business women to be agressive without being seen as a bitch, and to be feminine enough not to emasculate their alpha male colleagues, without being so girly as to undermine their own authority.
Julia Serano, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, p 28-9 (via bisexual-books)
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"Tumblr is accepting unless you’re white and cis!"


I dunno, man, I fit both those categories and I gotta say I feel pretty fucking accepted here, so…


…maybe …

…it’s because …

…you’re taking someone’s venting …

…about the horrific things that white and/or cis people in general do …

…and instead of analyzing and adjusting your own behavior …

…to make sure you don’t contribute …

…and calling out other white and/or cis people who contribute …

…you’re making it all about you?

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we are starving


"oh my GOd there are TWO gay characters in this movie lets watch it"

"dude dude dude we have to see it it has a queer girl

"I heard this movie has non-sexualized female character”

"ok I know it only has one girl but she is written like an ACTUAL PERSON!!"


"so its not canon but if you squint I think this character is asexual”

"and get this the gay character is actually not white

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"hahaha lmao i can’t wait until these sjws experience THE REAL WORLD"

why do you think we’re so angry

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not that i dislike straight people at all or anything but i find it so hilarious that out in the real world it’s relatively normal for gays to be made fun of consistently especially in school environments but here on tumblr it seems like it’s almost normal for straights to get made fun of and they can’t handle it at all like you make fun of the fact that straight boys are obsessed with monster drinks or that straight white sex is stereotypically quiet and they’ll flip the fuck out as if you took away their right to marry, adopt children and had them attacked physically for being straight.

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there are sjws out there that make a great deal of effort of protecting their bigotry and going about saying “when i say i hate straight/cis/white/ people/males i don’t mean i hate all straight people i hate the oppression”


if you don’t mean it don’t fucking say it

you know that that’s not what you’re trying to say and instead of phrasing it to make it so that people don’t get mad at you you just go “oh i didn’t mean this and blah blah blah”

it’s your fucking fault that you said such bullshit in the first place

stop blaming others for your inability to say what you really mean

Fuck it, I’m feeling educational today. 

There’s this thing that none of you seem to know about called metonymy and it’s where you use a whole to stand in for a part. To give you an example, metonymy would be when someone says, “Washington is so corrupt these days,” and you understand that they do not mean that  every citizen of Washington, D.C., or even every congressperson in Washington, D.C. is completely morally bankrupt, and that they are actually talking about the idea of Washington, D.C. and the structure that is in place being corrupt. When “America” goes to war, every single American does not simultaneously take up arms. When “the internet” attacks someone, every person with an internet connection does not become a hivemind of anger aimed at an individual.

So when I say, “I hate straight people,” I am saying exactly what I mean. “I hate the system of oppression and homophobia that was set up by and benefits straights.” Metonymy. Boom.

But furthermore, it’s not even that I “hate the oppression” (although I do). I also hate those who are complicit, who benefit from a system that I can’t access, and when I demand entry, deny that they had any part of it or received any benefits, and tell me that I should make it the same way they did - without any help.

I do not care whether you get mad at me for saying that. I could not give a flying shit if that upsets you. I will say what I want to say and you will accept it, because as an ally that is your job.When you decided to call yourself an ally, you didn’t just sign up for the rainbow bracelets and the pretty gay marriage .gifs. You signed up to support the queer community and that means supporting queer people in what they say, feel and believe. Don’t blame me because you didn’t read the fine print.

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my fav straight person thing is when they threaten to be homophobic if we dont respect them as allies  

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Hate breeds hate is probably the most bullshit thing I’ve ever heard.

You know what hasn’t changed the world? Simply sitting by and hoping it changes.

You know what HAS changed the world? Revolution, protests, marches anger.

Anger and passion have changed the world and I’m going to bed damned is someone tries to silence me or anyone else by talking about “hate breeds hate”

Shut the fuck up.

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koodles said: I've noticed that many tumblr users have this sort of "minority vs majority" ideology. Many so called "social justice" bloggers are in fact racists, misandrists, heterophobes, etc. themselves. There seems to be this bitter animosity towards all majorities on tumblr, and it's really no different than hatred of minorities. We as a human race need to let go of these "us vs them" ideologies, and start focusing on how we can improve the world for EVERYONE.



"it’s really no diff-"

😒 Look…I won’t even bother to address all of your “both sides” false equivalence fuckery except to say that you are wrongwrong, wrong, WRONG

I swear…entire generations of white people (and many so-called “liberals” and sadly even PoC) have been spoon fed on white supremacy ideology and raised up believing in that “reverse racism” BS that they can’t even tell right from wrong. And I’m speaking 100% literally here - not figuratively

SMH…It always trips me out how people try to say “social justice bloggers” like wanting social justice is actually a bad thing or something. You just revealed your agency & showed what it is you truly value, and that’s lobbing micro-aggressions disguised as “friendly advice”, not ~*worldwide equality*~ 

See also: aversive “color blind” racism

Believe me - there are TONS of deeply racist anti-black bloggers on tumblr…or LOL do you just spend all your time targeting blogs that call out poor ole “aggrieved” white people?

I’ll make you a deal with you koodles: show me irrefutable proof where even *once* in the last 3 days where you’ve stepped to a white racist blogger to chide them for expressing their abject hatred of black people and I’ll reblog whatever you tell me to without editing a single word. (The time is now 10:35pm EST on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014)

Otherwise, if you don’t bother to ever call out the racist anti-sj bloggers, then kindly sit tf down and stfu because your anti-blackness bias is showing even under all of that fake ass egalitarian, kumbaya BS you’re trying (and failing) to spout

Yeah, I’m not tolerating this anymore.  I see this exact same behavior from friends, and next time it happens I’m reblogging them and saying: “Complaining about SJ _____?  When’s the last time you spoke out about neo nazi tumblr? Oh that’s right, I’ve honestly never seen you reblog a post from someone prejudice with commentary chiding their behavior.”

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